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2017 Literary Agent Opportunity

Writers who have attended our conference in the past might notice something missing from the program descriptions and registration options: pitch appointments with our visiting literary agent, DongWon Song.

So…what’s the story? At Write On The River, we are always looking for ways to improve our conference and better meet the needs of our attendees. After doing some research and talking to both literary agents and conference attendees, we decided to take better advantage of our literary agent faculty.

What we found out is that one-on-one agent pitch appointments, though exciting, are not the best use of an agent’s time. The best case scenario is that an agent likes what they hear, and asks you to officially query them with an email. Then your writing must speak for itself. All that your polished pitch really gets you, then, is the opportunity to query via email.

Guest Agent DongWon Song

But what if you were already guaranteed the opportunity to query via email, and instead could use your time with the agent to learn how to improve your query, how to improve the opening of your story, and how to better place your project in the market? That is precisely what we’ll be doing with our guest agent at this year’s Write On The River conference. ALL conference attendees will be invited to query Mr. Song via email, and will be instructed how to in the Conference materials.

This will free up Mr. Song to offer something more valuable than a rushed pitch session: his expertise. Instead of being socked in with an endless, exhausting parade of pitches, Mr. Song will be offering three different workshop and breakout sessions: one on how to pitch an agent or publisher, one giving specific feedback on attendee first pages, and a Q&A answering all your questions about the ins and outs of agents and the publishing business. We can all benefit from hearing his insider take on how to get your work published, AND we can all still query him with our projects via email…the whole point of the pitch appointments, anyway.

We’re excited about this upgrade to our conference, and are confident that it will push our interested attendees even further along on the road to publication!