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Conference News. Posted on August 12, 2015.

2018 Writers Competition Winners

FICTION WINNERS First Place. Her Wenatchee childhood encouraged in CHRISTINA JONES a love of reading and writing stories. As an adult she hesitated to share her work publically, but the satisfaction she gained from writing online editorials prompted her to develop her skills and gave her the confidence to submit her work in other arenas. She said it seemed fitting to begin with this competition in the city where she first discovered and practiced story telling through the written word. Old Souls Like people used to, Abigail read a book on the subway. It was a little unusual, surrounded as she was by heads bent over electronic devices. But anyone who thought to look twice at a young woman reading an old book quickly wrote her off as another young, ironic hipster pretending to have an old soul on her way downtown from a crowded flat in Brooklyn. As usual

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Conference News. Posted on May 1, 2018.

2018 Chelsea Cain High School Writers Competition Winners

Competition Winner Dagan Anderson, who is a sophomore in Jennifer Robichaux’s English class at Eastmont High School (for which this story was originally written) has composed dozens of first pages of novels and over the past few years has focused on other artistic pursuits, mainly drawing and animation, but also poetry and songwriting. Dagan said, “Music is a big part of my writing experience…poetry is just prose with a hidden music… I have immense respect for talented lyricists.” Honey The air was crisp and tasted like the beginning of summer. A stout walnut tree stood in the centre of a hidden park, roots extending deep into the ground. Despite the state of disrepair and its secluded location, the park had a fair number of regular visitors, all of whom held the tree in good regard and took frequent advantage of its shade and fruits. In return, the visitors serviced the

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Conference News. Posted on April 26, 2018.

Pybus Prompts

RIGHT HERE, WRITE NOW We had a great time meeting and greeting people at the Pybus Market Non-Profit Day on March 24, 2018. We asked passers-by to briefly respond to a few writing “prompts” and let us publish their quick thoughts on line. Here’s what folks wrote that day: My favorite smells, sounds, tastes, textures The Beach I take my troubles to the sea And lay them on the shore Then the waves come rolling in They are gone forever more At 70 I’ve had a wealth of memory scent & taste. But I cannot pass by a blackberry bramble in July without being ten again. Sun on black bulbs of sour sweetness, acrid honey taste on my tongue of course after the just-so thumb & two-finger pluck, that pulls the whole dark cap, cobweb dust and all, into my hand. Pizza, birds, pizza pizza In the morning, I hear

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Event Recaps. Posted on April 2, 2018.

An Important Message about our Conference

An Open Letter to Local Writers Dear fellow writers, friends and WOTR members, Here in 2018, Write On The River’s twelfth year serving local writers, the board of directors has made some major changes to our programs. Some of you have joined us for our new offerings: a summer garden party, the fall writing retreat, the first of our intensive Saturday workshops, and our monthly meetings, now called Writers Meeting Writers. And there is more to come. We have suspended the annual conference, however. Some of you have been understandably distressed about that. As the founder of Write On The River, I share your disappointment. We have loved being able to bring a writers’ conference to Wenatchee, and we cherish the experiences we have shared with local writers throughout the years. Some of you who have helped with our conferences know how labor-intensive it is. Combined with the year-round programming offerings,

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Conference News, Upcoming Events. Posted on March 12, 2018.