In Short – Steve’s Week:

by Steve Conference News. Posted on February 3, 2012.

Sometimes life is written in short chapters. Until my next post, here’s a snapshot of my writing life this week:


Writing Time 15 hours mostly writing correspondence, editorial responses to blogs.
Pages Written 18 plus substantial revisions and outlining
Current Progress on the Novel In Rewrite. About 4 chapters to write from scratch. 6 to revise and blend in to new material. Signed up for summer conferences: sets the goal line for completion of my manuscript.
Thoughts Amazing the progress when you prioritize
Attitude Power stew with a few carrots of reality floating around in it.
Excuses and Fears Kept the demons at bay this week. 
Learned This Week That I am a slow writer but do a lot of good editing. I like what I read when I am done. Keep regular contact with my characters and the quick sessions of writing accomplish more and fit into the flow of the story (okay, I already knew that!)
Inspiration J. J. Abrams. Loved Super 8 and finally started watching the Lost series. I had missed the pilot and didn’t want to spoil the show, so here I am catching up seven years from original release. Also reading Kay Kenyon’s ‘Entire and the Rose’ series.
Questions and Quandaries Lots of contest deadlines right now…don’t think I will get anything meaningful done because of my push to get the manuscript ready by this spring-summer writing conference season.
Market Watch Not a lot of my genre right now so maybe some room for my novel.
View from the Keyboard It is amazing how self-powering writing is. The more I write, the more alive my characters become, the more they begin doing things ‘on their own and the more I want to come back and visit. This is the power of momentum. Also known as ‘BICT’ (butt in chair time). I am going to do this!!!!