2016 January Workshop: Bring Your Characters to Life with the Enneagram System!

by admin Conference News, Upcoming Events. Posted on January 4, 2016.

aea_enneagram_diagram_2The ancient system of personality typing known as the Enneagram offers a powerful technical tool for developing original and dimensional characters. Familiarity with the nine basic types can help writers sharpen conflicts between characters to make dramatic situations more compelling. Being aware of the connections between story genres and Enneagram types provides insights into why we are drawn to create thrillers, romantic comedies, science fiction or other kinds of stories.

Join Write On The River and noted children’s author Claire Rudolph Murphy on January 30 from 9:00am-Noon for this illuminating, inspiring workshop to push your characters deeper and your writing further.

This workshop will introduce writers to this system and how it can apply to fiction and nonfiction characters and provide insight into one’s own writing life.



Only $15 for Write On The River Members (JOIN NOW!), $50 for non-members


First hour: Intro to the nine enneagram types. Participants will identify their own type and then reflect on how one’s type affects the writing life. Understanding one’s enneagram type can help a writer identify work patterns and positive changes to their natural operating system.

05fbc72Second hour: Further discussion about the nine types and how this it can be used to develop characters – both fiction and nonfiction. Participants will spend time brainstorming ways to apply this information to a personal writing project, especially in developing plot and character.

Third hour: Small and large group sharing of these new ideas and possible additional time for writing. Workshop wrap-up: final questions and feedback and suggestions for moving forward with this system.