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Write On The River is able to offer a top-notch annual Writers Conference and support local writers throughout the year only with the financial support of our community.

The actual per-attendee cost of putting on our annual Writers Conference is nearly double what we charge for registration, so Write On The River is always in need of donations of any size to help us continue to all our great work supporting the arts in our local community.

You can also link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Write on the River. Once you do, every purchase on your Rewards Card will go toward helping support the organization and the conference. Click HERE to start the process.

As a supporter of Write On The River, you will be an important partner to help us achieve our mission. $500 sponsors one of our special events, such as our “Four Minutes of Fame.” $300 sponsors a workshop at our spring Conference. Of course, any level of donation will be appreciated and well used.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, CLICK HERE to donate!