Pybus Prompts

by admin Event Recaps. Posted on April 2, 2018.


We had a great time meeting and greeting people at the Pybus Market Non-Profit Day on March 24, 2018. We asked passers-by to briefly respond to a few writing “prompts” and let us publish their quick thoughts on line. Here’s what folks wrote that day:

My favorite smells, sounds, tastes, textures

The Beach

I take my troubles to the sea

And lay them on the shore

Then the waves come rolling in

They are gone forever more

At 70 I’ve had a wealth of memory scent & taste. But I cannot pass by a blackberry bramble in July without being ten again. Sun on black bulbs of sour sweetness, acrid honey taste on my tongue of course after the just-so thumb & two-finger pluck, that pulls the whole dark cap, cobweb dust and all, into my hand.

Pizza, birds, pizza pizza

In the morning, I hear the songs of small birds and the creaks of wood. The flowers are smooth and rocks jagged. The trees branches crackle and blow with the wind. Fresh fruit crunches and is filled with delicate juice of delight. Mornings are filled with simple pleasures.

Fresh rain on hot asphalt: wonderful smell

Rain on the metal roof: Lovely sounds.

Born and raised in

Southern California – Rain was rare.

Bacon, Lily of the Valley

baby laughter – symphony music

cinnamon rolls – lemon bars

soft fleece – baby cheeks (all four)

The smell of fresh rain in Arizona.

One of my most favorite smells and sounds begins mid-spring in the outlying Areas – sage brush blooming and birds singing promising the upcoming summer! Brings back childhood to the front of my brain and I am a carefree girl, happy and full of anticipation for the upcoming summer season here in the Wenatchee Valley!

fresh cut grass

verdant and clean

my mother’s roses

an ombre of pink to red

and the smell of a library book

just opened and soon to be enjoyed

My favorite smell is the scent of the air just before a summer rain. To me it smells like a hot cast-iron pan. And then – when it does rain – I get the bonus of feeling like I can predict the future!

The quails coo

The chickadees twitter & the crocus push through the leafy twigs to celebrate Spring… with all of her brightness, sweet smells & cool crisp air. I’m in love!!!

The hen house on my grandparents’ farm had a pleasant aroma that I remember to this day. I was allowed to gather the eggs from each “nest” and recall the feel of the hay and the warmth of the eggs. The salt lick was a favorite “treat” when Grandpa and I went to bring in bossy from the pasture. The texture of the salt (yes I ate from the cow’s salt lick) and taste I remember fondly.

An almost-tragic event I learned from

An almost tragic event that I learned from occurred in 1998-99, when my son Timothy had cancer. He had a tumor. He survived. He was 16. On April 5th he will be 36. He is disabled, but alive. You have to let go of your control and recognize GOD’s hand in things. In the years since, I’ve lost my mother-in-law, my husband and both of my parents. My son is such a joy to be around. Some people will know who we are. Debra

When my son called me from the concert in Las Vegas and was being shot at, I learned we are all vulnerable to others. But being scared doesn’t mean we aren’t fiercely courageous.

Almost drowning from a raft ride – I learned I can be calm enough to survive. (But I did panic when my daughter was choking on a cherry pit.)

A pledge or promise I’m making to myself

I promise to keep my body happy by giving it smart food, eaten in the convivial company of my friends, my spouse, and especially myself. I promise to take my body for a walk as often as I can wherever the dog wants to go, and to keep my gym schedule regular – to make the frequent movement of my aging body a pattern and a pleasure.

My weight, I hate, it will not be my fate.

My health will be better without it.

I must walk, I must run, I must make workouts fun

This I pledge to myself, don’t doubt it.

To be a better mom, to not go down the path my parents went down

The pledge I make to myself is to treat me like someone I’m responsible to care for. To treat myself with the same care I give to my children and to my friends.

I used to be

I want to be

I meant to be

If only

If only

I had a voice

strong enough

to redirect the flow

of thoughts



about strong minded


who don’t worry about

pleasing others

Girls true to their

hearts and souls

never shade my gifts

and fearlessly stepping

into the unknown


While finding truth

without harm to others.

A peace within where

all are welcome.

Please, come on


– Robin Ingraham Howell

to love myself unconditionally –

No matter the mistakes I have made of the grief I have endured–

love myself!

A promise I am making to myself is to write my book! How to teach Joy is a parent/child book to illustrate how young children learn as well as resources for parents of activities & Songs & Books to aid in providing support for brain development. – Teacher Joy

…to cast a wider net of social consciousness, engaging wider & deeper in my community.

(And, finally, this is in response to a question) “No – writing doesn’t come naturally to me – but It’s so damn important to me – to get what’s in my soul out way beyond just the sound of my voice. That’s why I write!”