Steve’s Last Blog

by Kay Kenyon Featured Members. Posted on December 11, 2012.

For over a year, we’ve cheered on Steve Daniel as he sat at the keyboard and “opened a vein,” as writers sometimes say. His weekly posts on his journey to publish his first novel have been part of our Write on the River culture and an intimate portrait of the writing life.

I’m sad to say that Steve’s final blog just went up. The demands of work, family–and writing the novel! have made increasing claims on his time and he will no longer be able to keep up with the rigors of the weekly blog.

We’ve watched over the last year as Steve has grappled with the same issues every writer faces: Am I good enough? Where is the time, discipline, energy to write? Is the story hopeless or full of promise? How does the act of writing reflect upon me as a writer, a person, a life-long learner? And does the period go inside the parenthesis or out?

I know you all join with me in thanking Steve for sharing his journey with us. I hope you’ll visit the blog this week and share your thoughts with him yourself.

Thanks, Steve. Write strong and stay in touch.

–Kay Kenyon