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Friday Night Members-Only Jump-Start Session

For the first time ever, Write On The River is offering an exclusive, members-only Friday night special session.  Designed to jump-start both your Conference weekend and your writing life, this workshop is an engaging, participatory experience that will give Write On The River Members a chance to get their hands dirty, get their juices flowing, and get down to the nitty-gritty of improving their craft and firing their passions.

Facilitated by the dynamic and successful author C.C. Humphreys, our Friday Jump-Start will leave you more prepared and excited for your own writing and for our full Saturday of writing workshops.  Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

This session is only available to Write On The River Members.  WOTR membership is only $35/year, but your membership will save you much more than that in discounts at the conference and at independent bookstores, and will allow you to attend several free member events throughout the year.  Click here to join.

Friday Members-Only Jump-Start:

The Hat Trick or: Why shouldn’t writing be fun? – C.C. Humphreys

The Hat Trick: Party game and writing exercise combined. It’s a writing conference, so lets write! In one hat author C.C. Humphreys will have some fun objectives for your characters to pursue. In another, what gets in their way. In bursts of free fall writing, participants will create the shortest of stories and explore how to develop character through action. We’ll read a few out loud, with Humphreys using them as a springboard for story insights. Walk into the room with a blank piece of paper. Leave with the beginning of your new book!


About C.C. Humphreys

Chris (C.C.) Humphreys was born in Toronto and grew up in Los Angeles and the UK. He has acted all over the world and appeared on stages ranging from London’s West End to Hollywood’s Twentieth Century Fox. Favorite roles have included Hamlet, Caleb the Gladiator in NBC’s Biblical-Roman epic mini-series, AD – Anno Domini and Jack Absolute in Sheridan’s The Rivals.

Chris has written seven historical novels. The first, The French Executioner told the tale of the man who killed Anne Boleyn and was runner up for the CWA Steel Dagger for Thrillers 2002 while his Jack Absolute series is popular both sides of the Atlantic. He has also written a trilogy for young adults The Runestone Saga, a heady brew of Norse myth, runic magic, time travel and horror. His latest Young Adult novel The Hunt of the Unicorn was released by Knopf in North America in March 2011 and will be published soon in Spain. His last adult novel was: Vlad, The Last Confessionthe true history of Dracula. Published in 2008 it was a bestseller in Canada, and has been translated in  Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey and Brazil. In May 2011 it was published by Sourcebooks in the USA. His new adult novel, A Place Called Armageddon, is about the fall of Constantinople in 1453.

Chris has an extensive teaching record including masterclasses at major conferences such as Surrey BC, PNWA, Willamette and Banff. He has appeared at festivals all over the world. He has been writer in residence at schools and often teaches at them, where he is known to actually distract kids from texting. He lives on Salt Spring Island, Canada, with his wife, young son and border collie.