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High School Writing Contest Winners

Write on the River is proud to announce the 2020 High School Writers Competition winners! Congratulations to these three young writers. We hope to hear great things of them in the coming years. You are welcome to click through to read their winning submissions.




First Place Winner

Thomasin Schkrohowsky

Thomasin is fourteen and in the 9th grade. She finds inspiration for writing in music and nature. She likes to read, write, draw comics, cook food from around the world, play violin and piano, and participate in competitive swimming. Thomasin hopes to write a novel one day. She is from Mazama, WA.

Her entry: “Arrow”


Honorable Mention

Miranda Nayak

Miranda Nayak is a freshman at Wenatchee High School. She is involved in the robotics and Technology Student Association clubs at her school and plays cello in the high school orchestra. She loves reading, writing, and also enjoys film-making. Miranda started writing for fun last year and continues to write every day. She lives in Wenatchee, WA

Her entry: “All That a Villain Wants”


Honorable Mention

Hope Stringham

Hope Stringham lives with her parents Paul and Amanda, her tortoise, dog and 4 backyard chickens. She’s a freshman at Wenatchee High School. When she graduates from high school she wants to go to college and study mathematics. She plans on getting a doctorate and teaching math at the college level. Along with teaching, she wants to continue writing. She is currently working on a book series. She lives in Wenatchee, WA.

Her entry: “The Loop”