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Agent & Publisher Appointments


Please read this section carefully!  It is important that you understand the new protocols for agent sessions which have changed for 2015. Space is limited, and slots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis based on order of Conference registration.


There are two opportunities to describe your work to our guest agent Ms. Genevieve Nine, depending on which stage you are in with your manuscript. You may sign up for either:

  • One-on-one appointment
  • Group session
Genevieve Nine, assistant to Executive Agent Laura Rennert, Andrea Brown Literary Agency, has always been drawn to the fantastic, the curious, and the unexpected. She specializes in middle grade & young adult fiction and is on the lookout for authors who weave layered tales with well-developed worlds and characters who threaten to burst from the page. Genevieve holds an MFA in creative writing and has worked as a freelance editor and agent for Andrea Hurst & Associates.
While at WOTR, Genevieve will be representing both Laura Rennert of Andrea Brown Literary Agency and Andrea Hurst of Andrea Hurst & Associates. Ms. Rennert specializes in all categories of children’s books (picture books through YA), in upmarket women’s fiction/literary fiction, thrillers (especially with a female focus), and narrative nonfiction—www.andreabrownlit.com. Ms. Hurst is currently considering prescriptive nonfiction with a strong platform, well-crafted women’s fiction, romance, and thrillers—www.andreahurst.com.

She will also be interested in promising stories that other agents at her agency might want to represent. She will pass along any such projects to other representatives at her agency. Agents typically do not hear pitches for collections of essays, short fiction or poetry.

1. Agent one-on-one appointments.
This is strictly for those with a finished or almost finished novel manuscript. “Almost finished” means that you at least have a completed first draft.  Appointments are ten minutes in length and are assigned based on order of Conference registration.

2. Agent group session.  (Maximum attendees per session: ten)

This workshop session will bring together a small group of writers to share a novel or nonfiction book concept with Ms. Nine in a group setting. You may sign up for this session if you have at least a concept or a start on writing your novel or nonfiction book. This sesson is not for essays or short stories. If you attend this session, you may query Ms. Nine once your novel or nonfiction book is finished. In your query letter, please remind her when and where you met.

In the group session each attendee will take a minute or so to summarize a project, including:

  • Whether fiction or nonfiction
  • For fiction: specify commercial or literary fiction or, if a genre, which one.
  • A very brief summary pitch telling the story concept.

Ms. Nine will hear all the pitches and make comments about each of them.


Write On The River is very pleased to welcome Hannah Elnan of Sasquatch Books, an indie publisher based in Seattle and distributed by Penguin Random House. Sasquatch Books is one of the country’s leading independent publishers, known for its innovative and eclectic list of nonfiction books featuring authors such as Nancy Pearl, Lynda Barry, and Art Wolfe, and top-selling titles in food & wine, travel, and gardening.

Ms. Elnan is looking for adult nonfiction with a strong West Coast platform, focusing on practical nonfiction in the categories of home, garden, craft, DIY, style, love and relationships, as well as narrative nonfiction about animals, nature, science, medicine, regional history, pop culture, and ideas. She is also interested in memoir, particularly humorous personal narrative with a strong hook. She is not interested in any fiction. Although she does not acquire children’s books, if there is a promising project she could refer the writer to an editor at Sasquatch Books who does acquire children’s books (however, a children’s project would probably best be pitched to our agency representative, Genevieve Nine).

There are two opportunities to describe your work to Hannah Elnan depending on which stage you are in with your manuscript:

1. One-on-one publisher appointments.

This is strictly for those with a finished or almost finished book-length manuscript. Almost finished means that you have completed at least a first draft.

2. Publisher’s Roundtable: Concept feedback session (Lunch period)

Our guest publisher will give feedback on nonfiction book concepts, and answer questions about the publishing industry.

Everyone is welcome, even if just observing. No sign up required.

If you want feedback, bring a written 3-4 sentence description of your book-length project and give it to the room monitor before the meeting begins. You may remain anonymous (your name is not needed, and you may keep your project title private if you wish.) The publisher will read these out loud to the group and make comments on the appeal of the concept and perhaps make suggestions.

This is not a pitch session where you ask the publisher to consider your project for publication. If interested in pitching the publisher, sign up for an individual appointment (a prerequisite for an individual appointment is that you must have an almost completed manuscript.)