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Many Write On The River Members have websites and blogs about themselves and/or their writing.  Below are descriptions of and links to the websites and blogs of Write On The River Members.  Click a link and make a connection.  Find out more about your like-minded neighbors in our organization.  Are you a member who would like a link to your site added below?  Email writeontheriverweb@gmail.com.  To become a member, click here.


Kay Kenyon is the author of fourteen science fiction and fantasy novels. Her latest work is a historical fantasy series from Simon and Schuster, beginning with At the Table of Wolves and most recently, Serpent in the HeatherShe is a founding member of Write on the River. She teaches an intensive bi weekly novel seminar for WOTR held February – May. Connect with Kay at her website, on Twitter @KayKenyon and Facebook @KayKenyonAuthor.



Haley Whitehall has been a member of Write on the River since January 2011. She lives in Wenatchee, WA and writes historical fiction for teens and adults. She blogs about writing and history and a combination of the two. You can visit her blog at: http://haleywhitehall.com/



Tina Wood has been a member of Write on the River since January 2011.  She currently lives in Okanogan, WA.  She is a blogger who focuses on one-year “encapsulated” blogs with specific themes.  This year, she’s blogging about various self-improvement projects, as well as the joys of dating in a rural county.  You can visit her blog at http://katsonfire.blogspot.com



Molly Steere has attended Write On The River events since 2008 and joined the Board in the summer of 2011. She lives in Wenatchee, WA with her husband and 2-year-old son. Molly writes humorous posts (snarky Twinkies with a thoughtful filling) about the various ways she humiliates herself while trying to find her way in the world. You can read her blog at www.mollyflewthecoop.com.



Gavin and Nathan Seim are two brothers from central Washington who write short stories and fantasy fiction. They work side by side writing and refining the stories as one and have been involved in WOTR since 2010. Along with their personal blog, they also manage a website for writers called Writers Couch. A place for writing tips and ideas.  You can read their blogs at http://brothersseim.com  and  http://writerscouch.com.



Mary Resk has attended most Write On The River events since 2003. She has been a member since membership became an option and is also a WOTR board member. She teaches, writes, performs, volunteers, plays and lives in Wenatchee, WA with her adorably neurotic husband and neurotically adorable cats. She specializes in creative non-fiction. Find her projects and blog links at: http://www.mkresk.wordpress.com


Donelle Knudsen joined Write On The River in November of 2011. She is a published author and lives in Richland, WA with her husband. She primarily writes memoir, short stories, and poetry, and is active in various writers’ groups and organizations. Her blogs touch upon life’s experiences as well as topics close to her heart: family, the writing life, nature, and how they all knit together. Visit her blogs at: http://dknudsen-writersblog.blogspot.com and http://www.authorsden.com/donelleknudsen


L. N. Jennings writes fiction for teens and adults, ranging from fantasy to science fiction. She lives in Tri-Cities, Washington with her husband and three kids and has been a member of Write On The River since March 2011. On her blog, she writes about her addiction to writing and the ups and downs to navigating the world of self-publishing. You can visit her blog on her new novel’s website at www.sevensplinters.com.


Theresa Monsey writes high octane romantic thrillers under the pen name Trish McCallan. A double finalist in Romance Writers of America’s prestigious 2013 RITA® contest, Theresa has been writing for as long as she can remember.  Her award winning romantic thriller– Forged in Fire– came about after a marathon reading session, and a bottle of Nyquil that sparked a vivid dream. She lives in eastern Washington with four golden retrievers, a black lab mix and two cats. You can find out more information on up coming projects through her website at http://trishmccallan.com/index.html


LizFountainElizabeth Fountain has been a member of Write on the River since 2012 and has two published novels so far, with a slew more in the works. She lives in Ellensburg, in the heart of the beautiful and diabolically windy Kittitas Valley. Her writing uses science fiction and fantasy to capture the unintentional humor of everyday life. You can read her thoughts on writing, music, friendship, and baseball at her blog Point No Point (http://lizfountain.wordpress.com).