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2019 Contest Guidelines and Entry Form

FINAL entry form v.2
(Please cut along dotted line)
(Entries not adhering to these guidelines may be disqualified)
___1.Print your entry (2x spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman font, one side only) on
8.5×11 white paper.
___2. Use paper clips only; do not staple manuscript pages, entry forms, or checks.
___3. Title and number each page. Author’s name must NOT appear on the manuscript.
___4. Use standard 1-inch margins (please,no extra space above the first page title.)
___5. Entries must be in English and previously unpublished (exception: on your own website).
___6. Entries must be the work of the submitting party, who must be a Washington resident (exception: out-of-state entries written by current WOTR members will be accepted). $1200 in prize money will be awarded to six winners, who will be notified by April 7.


We reserve the right to re-print winning submissions on our website www.writeontheriver.org


Judges will evaluate manuscripts with attention to concept
(an inherently interesting and original idea), organization and development; and expression (voice, word choice, fluency).


Send a $20 check with each entry, or $40 total if you also
want three written critiques. You may send multiple entries, each with a separate form (above) and fee, but you can win only one prize per category. If you request the  written critiques, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (S.A.S.E.). Sorry, no online entries–use mail only.


Directors of Write On the River or their immediate families are not eligible for competition prizes. Need more information? Email info@writeontheriver.org