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2017 Conference Writer Workshops

Write On The River is pleased to offer two fiction writers workshop sessions at our 2017 conference. Attendees are invited to submit pages meeting the requirements below, and the selected participants will join a panel of professional authors to critique and discuss their work in a round-robin style breakout session.

We are offering a place for six writers with their manuscripts. Writers will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Each critique session will run for an hour and forty minutes. (Note: Timing of the two workshops overlaps to fit into the afternoon time period. Also, since the workshops are held concurrently with the afternoon breakouts, if your manuscript is selected for one of the workshops, you will miss two of the breakout sessions. We are unable to switch participants to the workshop of their choice, since manuscripts will be assigned based upon genre expertise of the attending pros.)

Manuscripts will be sent to all participants ahead of time to allow for pre-reading and note taking. Sessions feature both independently and professionally published authors from across multiple genres. The pros as well as the submitting authors will read and provide feedback on the session manuscripts, ensuring a half hour of valuable critique for each attending writer.

We are accepting submissions for a limited number of participants, so be certain to read and follow the workshop guidelines and get your manuscript or excerpt in early. Our panelist bios are below. Though we can’t guarantee which professionals will be on a manuscript’s critique, we will attempt to consider genre when dividing stories between the two sessions.

How to submit:

  1. Submission (fiction only) is limited to no more than 7000 words.
  2. Format in standard manuscript format. Information on standard format can be found here:  http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html  
  3. Indicate the genre of your piece at the top of the first page.
  4. Save as a MS Word compatible document.
  5. Attach the file to an email and clearly label the subject line as: SUBMISSION: Writers Workshop. Email to: info@writeontheriver.org

Professionals participating in the critique:

Frances Pauli writes speculative, furry and romance fiction. Her web serial was a Jukepop top thirty selection in 2015, and her novels have been published by Mundania, Zharmae, and Devine Destinies. She frequently crosses genre barriers and has been known to experiment with drabbles, text novels, flash and micro-fiction.



Voss Foster is a science fiction and fantasy author living in Eastern Washington. He has published 15 novels and novellas as well as numerous short stories and articles in magazines such as Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Vox.com. More information can be found at http://vossfoster.blogspot.com



Jaleta Clegg writes science fiction adventure, fantasy of all flavors, and silly horror. She has published an eleven book space opera series, a standalone steampunk fairy novel, and numerous short stories. Find her at www.jaletac.com When not writing, she enjoys cooking, crocheting, and watching bad 80s movies.



Trish McCallan is the author of the Red-Hot SEALs series. A Romance Writers of America honor roll alumni, she is also a three-time finalist for the RITA award.




Pacific Northwest author Siana Wineland writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, short fiction and a popular web serial. She is experienced in indie publishing, author promotions, and box sets. Her fiction explores human emotion through paranormal and supernatural universes. She is a regular panelist at Washington Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions.


Wendy Call co-edited Telling True Stories and wrote No Word for Welcome, winner of Grub Street’s 2011 National Book Prize for nonfiction. She is also a translator of Mexican fiction.